team building

Corporate Events


Due to an increased demand, Wellshire has developed specific packages for team building which include the location, food and beverage, team building expertise and supporting props, paperwork, projectors, screens, audio enhancement, wireless internet access, whiteboards, tools and instructions required for team building. The majority of this equipment for team building is owned and onsite ensuring that it is available, setup correctly and 100% functional for you when you require it.

Wellshire is very proud to be a full service one-stop facility. Wellshire is centrally located with ample free parking. Cuisine is prepared on site. Experienced bartenders prepare your desired beverages. Tables, chairs, flatware, glassware etc are mostly owned and available on site ensuring that they will be available at the very best price. In addition, if you require something that Wellshire does not have on site, we can facilitate its rental from experienced 3rd party suppliers, ensuring that it is delivered on time, correctly setup and ready for use for your event.

With our multiple rooms, access to the golf course, all its amenities and the beautiful grounds, Wellshire's staff is able to setup a diverse set of team building projects and tasks not found in traditional team building facilities.

Our specially trained Event Managers have hosted and executed a number of successful team building events for repeat customers. Contact us and we will work closely with you explaining everything that is available to make your team-building event successful and meets all your expectations, while staying within your budget.